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Chateau for sale Dordogne | French Castles offers a good selection with variety of property architecture for sale in Dordogne.

Are you looking to buy a chateau in Dordogne?

The region of Périgord as historically known, the Dordogne is a very popular region for permanent residency. Dordogne has a stable medium climate and is known for its many historic Chateaux and other great Country. offers a growing portfolio of fantastic properties to buy and our associated local estate agents and our own associates from the Netherlands look forward to assist you with finding your new home with matching chateau property criteria.

The département Dordogne, prior to the French Revolution (1790) known as the Region Périgord, is since the regional reform of 2014 part of Nouvelle-Aquitaine "New Aquitaine", the largest administrative region in France. Nouvelle Aquitaine is the result of three regions merging: Aquitaine, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes creating an area that covers 12% of France's surface totalling >84,000km2. This region has a history of war over many hundreds, even thousands, of years involving the Romans, the Kelts and the British. This finally resulted in some of the finest future settlements in France as well as the Chateau type buldings erected since the 11th century to defend local communities..

For many Brits, Dutch, Belgians, French and Germans as well as Scandinavians Dordogne has over the years become one of the more popular tourist destinations and over the last several decades many foreigners have settled here with permanent residency.

The Dordogne climate is milder than northern Europe, yet still varied with average daytime temperatures at 20C or higher from May till October.

Its Capital Périgueux and the various cities and towns are so worth visiting. The beautiful country side with its many Castles, historic monuments and stately homes puts a smile on your face and not least because of the wonderful selections of great food and wines from the Bergerac area amongst others. Dordogne is named after the Dordogne river which is shown in the top picture and which boasts some of the most amazing views with bridges and valleys, besides the numerous tracks for walking and cycling.

In terms of residential property Dordogne is popular with a vast choice of different architecture. So many of the traditional Mills and Farmhouses have become obsolete for their economic functions and have been beautifully transformed by their owners into modern day residences often with energy efficiency and eco balance. The British have recently become more active buyers in the region. It seems that the possibilty of a Brexit in 2020 is (was) not holding them back to invest in French real estate. The Dordogne is a land of stately homes of which many can be visited as either historique tourist attractions or as conversions to public hospitality like this Chateau in Chalais:

Hospitalite Chateaux Chalais

Please use the extensive search menu on our real estate pages to find your new home. At a small fee, also offers a personal service for serious home buyers with neutral integrity and is intended to assist potential buyers in the process of finding value for money in the right location without the aim of earning sale commission. Such a fee will generally be easily recovered as a result of finding the property that meets your criteria. France still offers many value for money residences in good locations due to a rapidly improving landscape infrastructure as well as for Trade and IT services.