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Farmhouse - Fermette - Longère

Longere is defined as a strip of land or meadow long and narrow, along a path or a wood. By inner city standards this piece of land is'n that narrow and indeed quite long. Properties built on this piece of land were often small businesses and an linear extension of smaller and larger building units of which one served as a main residence and the other outbuldings to service the business and for various types of storage. Many of these houses became relatively cheap and attractive alternatives for luxury residential accommodation with many having been converted over the years into superb dwellings with beautiful gardens.

Many look alike farm houses with their outbuildings and smaller farm houses are called 'fermettes' in France and Belgium. Usually rural properties in tranquil surroundings. They were built to relfect the aspects of a farmhouse building but really only erected for residential purposes with a, architectural farm house style.