Impressive Hunting Estate - 970 ha - for sale. Province of Huelva. Spain


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Impressive 970-hectare hunting estate in the province of Huelva, nestled in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. Located at a distance of 70 km from Seville Airport, 220 km from Faro Airport (Portugal), 330 km from Lisbon Airport (Portugal), and 500 km from Madrid Airport.

There is an Andalusian main farmhouse consisting of 3 main bedrooms and 2 bathrooms plus a dining room, kitchen and living room on the ground floor and 22 beds plus 1 bathroom on the second floor.

In addition, it has 4 independent bungalows with separate bedroom and bathroom.
There is also an outside porch, terrace, pool and garden.
There are 3 additional dwellings for the staff and the guard.
All houses have electricity, as well as air conditioning and heating.

The estate is completely fenced around the perimeter with a 2-meter high hunting fence with 5 direct access entrances to the road and has 70 km of roads in perfect condition that allow access to the entire estate.
There is electricity throughout the farm and it has an electronic surveillance system throughout the estate.
It is an impressive and spectacular property both for its scenic beauty and hunting use as well as for the facilities it has.

With regard to small game, there is wild partridge which can be hunted by hand and by claim, wood pigeon which is hunted with stool pigeon in autumn-winter and in the form of feeders in summer, and ducks due to the existing swamps both on the estate as well as in the area.

As for big game hunting, it is a perfect estate for it due to the diversity of the existing landscape and all types of hunting can be carried out. There are deer, fallow deer, mouflon and wild boar, all of them of the highest quality. In fact, medal trophies have been killed in recent hunting and stalking.
There is cattle of the retinta and limousine breeds as well as acorn-fed Iberian pig use due to the quality of the pastures and the large quantity of existing acorns.

The farm consists of the following facilities:
1) Bullring and cattle handling pens.

2) Game farm: Newly built with 20 fences of different sizes to manage the breeding and trophy management of all species (fallow deer, mouflon, deer and wild boar) and specific management modules for the four species which allows the genetic renewal of the species. It allows us to have a very high quality population of the different species on the farm.

3) Industrial warehouses: there are 2 warehouses that occupy an area of 1,300 m² in perfect condition that are used to store machinery and tools, feed, etc.

4) Hydroponic cultivation: it is a system for the generation of artificial grass by means of an irrigation system in trays, which can produce approximately 1,500 kg of forage per day for livestock. It is currently not in production because it is not necessary.

5) Other Warehouses: there are 3 warehouse houses distributed throughout the estate which are in perfect condition.

6) 6 boxes for horses.

7) Drying room for acorn-fed Iberian hams and cured meat in an artisanal system.

8) 2 cold rooms (with the possibility of programming for refrigeration and / or freezing).

9) Weighbridge scale for trucks.

There is a technical plan for the prevention of forest fires. All firebreaks are reviewed every year.

There are 2 reservoirs for water supply throughout the year, the largest of them with 800,000 cubic meters.
There are also a large number of springs and streams. There is a water supply plan, with 5 water pumps and pipes from the reservoirs to the different fences and facilities for livestock, irrigation gardens, groves and houses fully automated.
There are 2 water tanks for livestock of 30,000 liters each.
There are concrete water fountains throughout the farm and 6 of them in the livestock and hunting management areas equipped with buoys for automatic filling.

Made up mainly of holm oaks, with some scattered cork oak feet. We also find areas of natural pastures and meadow crops.

Currently hunting and livestock use, of bovine, and Iberian pig is carried out.
The estate has a healthy P&L account.

It is one of the most beautiful Spanish Hunting estates, a beautiful place to live. The estate has everything that any hunter and nature lover could wish for.

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  • Details

    Property Type
    Hunting Game Safari
    Grounds HA or legal
    Grounds over 20 HA
    Plot size m2
    9,700,000 m²
  • Room information

  • Special features

    • Swimming pool
    • Air conditioning
    • Guesthouse
    • Caretaker cottage
    • Barn
    • Stables