PEYRE - An exceptional property nestled in one of the most beautiful villages in France, only a few

Midi-Pyrénées, Aveyron

848.000 € ID: 143391
This hamlet in the commune of Comprégnac definitely has a singular destiny: only 7 kilometres from Millau, its light stone houses stretch along a steep cliff, facing the highest viaduct in the world. In front of the semi-troglodytic church, an open square offers an unobstructed view of the structure and the green waters of the Tarn. The geographical singularity of the site explains the extreme originality of its habitat, which seems to climb the rock on which it is built, while in the whole region, between Millau and Saint-Rome, most of the other villages were built in the plain, which extends upstream and downstream of this harsh eminence
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  • Details

    Family home
    Wohnfläche (m2)
    325 m²
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    Andere Bäder